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About Tia's

Salsa Las Bandidas

Founded in the birthplace of the Lone Star flag, Tia Maria’s is proud to invite you to the next great American salsa experience.

A timeless family recipe, perfected over generations in the lush foothills Ixltan, is the foundation of Tia Maria’s unique salsa. To it, we bring our unwavering commitment to highest standards of quality. Our “field to table” philosophy ensures that only the freshest ingredients, without additives or fillers, are used to create our delectable sauce.

This uncompromising commitment to quality ensures that each jar of Tia Maria’s will have our signature bold, rich flavor, but will also be as healthy as it is satisfying.

We invite you to taste the difference for yourself. Tia Maria’s Salsa, where tradition meets taste!

Tia Maria

Who is Tia Maria?

When I think about my childhood, it almost always involved food and family. While we lived a modest life, my family was rich with love. Holidays or weekends were all the excuse needed for family parties, where I still fondly remember the music and laughter.

The best food were always the dishes that we made at home. I watched as my mother and grandmother would create the most delicious meals, all from scratch, without so much as a measuring spoon or recipe. They were based on simple, fresh ingredients, lovingly prepared. A simple smell today can still take me back.

I am the daughter of immigrants, people who came to America to find a better life for their children, and to get a shot at the “American Dream.” I learned early about simple, but powerful values – of honesty, integrity, and hard work.

While I am the descendant of a rich cultural heritage, I am also a proud daughter of America, continually awed by the opportunity that is available to me.

In adulthood, and as a resident of the great state of Texas, I’ve pursued a career as an entrepreneur with endeavors that accent my health and fitness conscious lifestyle.

In my family, we never used commercial salsas. What we prepared at home was always so much better, and better for us, without all the additives and fillers. Today, I think America deserves better. From my grandmother’s recipe, I knew we could do better. Tia Maria’s is the result.

For me, Tia Maria’s is more than salsa. It is my promise to you that only the very best from my family, is provided to yours.

I invite you to try a jar and taste the difference.

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