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Of all the holidays we celebrate year-round, the 4th of July is one of my favorites.


There’s the BBQs, gatherings with friends and family, and of course, the fireworks, but for me, the meaning and joy go deeper.


As I’ve said before, my parents were immigrants to America. They arrived with humility, worked with determination, and never forgot the enormous opportunity our country created for them.


As a daughter of immigrants, I love the rich cultural traditions that my family brought with them. You can see and taste it in my salsa. But as a 1st generation American, I remain in awe of the opportunity and potential of my country. The true generosity and optimism of her people. Our history and achievements.


When I was a young girl in school, I loved the stories of America’s founding.


The heroic struggles of our Revolution. Our founding documents, which recognized the worth and power of the individual. Our eventual experiment in government, which did not establish a “perfect union,” but rather sought to create a “more perfect union,” constantly evolving, constantly changing, constantly trying to be better than before.


I see the promise of America in my life; a daughter of immigrants who had the chance to live my best life, to work hard and create opportunity in my own right.


Tia Maria’s may be an authentic Mexican salsa, but its founding and growth are as American as apple pie.


So, on this 4th, me and Big Red will meet up with friends and grill terrific food. We’ll listen to patriotic music and wave flags. Later, when the sun goes down, we’ll go to see fireworks.


It is then, when no one can see, that I will probably shed a tear.  Remembering in that moment, how lucky I am to be an American.

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