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Why Summer Rocks

There is something to love about every season, but for me, summer is one of the best.


Yes, it’s hot and humid in many places. Trust me, I live in Houston, I get it. But the good so outweighs the bad.


I love the longer days.


First, if you must wake up early, there’s no better way to do it than with the sun coming up. It makes you feel in sync with the world, that you and the Earth are on the same schedule. And the late sunsets give us plenty of downtime after a long day of work – time for a dip in the pool, a walk, a bike ride, or simply getting together with friends.


Second are the clothes. Don’t get me wrong, this girl likes to dress up! But the simplicity of summer can’t be beat. Shorts and a tank top, with flip flops. It is as comfortable as I get all year long.


Finally, there’s time. I talk a lot about making time for yourself and your family all year long because of hectic schedules. In summer, our modern world finally gets on our page, as businesses slow down, schools are out, and families take vacations.  There is that sense that there is just a little more time to breathe.  Whether you go on a trip or find simple joy in local parks and lakes for day out with a BBQ, summer helps us unwind a little and recharge our batteries.  All that great vitamin D from the sun doesn’t hurt either (so long as you use sunscreen!).


I look at the calendar and can hardly believe that we already halfway through the summer of 2019. I’ve made a commitment to myself to make each day as special as I can, to savor the sun and the smells, to enjoy my free time to the max. Big Red is all on board. He is definitely a shorts and t-shirt kinda guy, and we’re both looking forward to all the fun we can have before Labor Day, and the return of other responsibilities.


I hope each of you take a moment and savor the season – it is a gift for each of us to enjoy.

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