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Why I Love Dogs

Why I Love Dogs


44 percent of American families have dogs, and I am proudly in that group.


When I was single, I adopted an adorable poodle named Clyde. In the time since, in life’s ups and downs, Clyde has been there every step of the way, as good a friend as anyone could ask for.


When I’ve been excited about something, Clyde is immediately excited with me. If I’ve had a long day, Clyde is there to nuzzle and snuggle, and in his own way, let me know that everything is going to be ok. In every way, Clyde is part of my family.


When I first met Big Red, I wondered how this man’s manwas going to feel about a poodle. I didn’t have to worry.  As it turned out, Big Red had dogs of his own – chihuahuas!  Nothing was funnier, nor more endearing to me, than the sight of this hulking guy walking these tiny dogs, with obvious love and pride.


After Big Red proposed, and we began planning our life together, one of our first conversations was about dog “parenting. We made it a priority to ensure that the transition for all our canines would be smooth for everyone involved. Now we are one big blended family.


Not long after I started Tia Maria’s, I remember a particularly long day where I where I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by my “To Do” list. I walked into the living room and sat on the couch to take a break and collect my thoughts.  Clyde, who had been curled up in his bed taking a snooze, immediately came over to me, and laid down at my feet – just letting me know he was there.


They call it a “Dog’s Life,” yet that’s not entirely fair. It might be better entitled, a “Dog’s Priority,” and in a sense, we could learn from them.


Dog’s don’t sweat the small stuff. They sleep deeply, play hard, eat every meal like it’s their last, and love unconditionally. There is an elegant simplicity to it.  


Dogs, by nature, focus on what matters, and can do so to shameless excess, as Clyde does when he wants belly scratches. They are loyal to a fault, and whatever our failings as people, where we have somehow come up short of our own expectations, a dog never forgets the person that is the essence of each of us, and they will love that person forever. It’s a redemptive quality that I wish more people had.


I know that dogs aren’t for everyone, and that’s fine. But for me and Big Red, life is infinitely more fulfilling because of the canines we adopted into our family. In a sometimes tough world, dogs are proof of the better things in life.

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