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Starting A Business

The Struggles of Starting a Business

Last weekend, at the end of a long day, I was sitting on the couch with my husband, “Big Red” (my pet name for him because he’s a tall, muscled ginger) when I realized that it had about a year since he and I had sat on the same couch, and I told him I wanted to turn my salsa into a business.

So many women find themselves at this moment of truth.  Can it be real? Can I actually strike out on my own and create a business?  Can I be successful? You end up looking deeply into your soul.

We have all had doubts and disappointments in our lives, which shape our understanding and guide our choices. My first step in starting out on my own was to set aside any reservations, and to take a leap of faith – because starting a company comes with no assurances – knowing that I believed in myself  and my salsa, and had the unconditional support of my family and friends. Big Red was all in with me.

I’m passionate and creative. Those are my strengths. I loved creating my label, and the marketing, setting up social media so I could engage with all of you. When I’m at markets selling the salsa, talking to people and getting feedback, it fills my tank and gives me such energy.

But creating a business from scratch requires more. Much more. And it’s not all sexy and interesting, but it’s essential. For me, it meant taking all the steps to make sure the product was safe for commercial sale. Creating a supply chain to ensure I had the freshest ingredients.  Registering the business. Setting up accounting. This required focus, perseverance and attention to detail, because all these pieces make the business whole. Some of this was new and unfamiliar, but I accepted the responsibility, faced the challenges squarely, and mastered new skills I didn’t know that I had.

Maybe the biggest surprise as I think of Tia Maria’s, was that in taking my salsa to the public, it would help me grow as a person.

So, I have a message for al the women out there.  If you have a special passion, if you want to strike out on your own and know what it feels like to own your career, don’t let doubt make the decision for you. We have it in each of us to grow, and if the passion is real, the success can be tangible.

I’m still very new at this, but I have gotten this far. You can too.

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