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Humble Never Goes Out of Style

Humble Never Goes Out of Style


Yes, it’s probably a little surreal to hear it from a daughter of Texas, but one of the qualities that I most value is humility.


Mind you, I have nothing against a good ole celebration, like when my Texans score a touchdown, or my Dodgers  win. Victories, in sports or life deserve recognition, and maybe just a little trash talking…


The kind of humility I admire is more of the day-to-day variety.


I was at a party recently, when I started talking with a woman sitting close to me. We got to talking about careers, and when I asked what she did, virtually recited her resume, sure to let me know that she has a very important job. As it turns out, I thought the job was pretty cool.  She didn’t need to add the rest.


Before I met My husband, a friend fixed me up on a blind date with a guy she thought would be perfect for me.  When we met, he seemed nice enough at first.  But soon after we started talking, he was telling me how much money he made, the high-end fashion brands that he would not compromise on, and the challenges of being handsome.


It was all such an epic turnoff.


We see this kind of thing all the time, and even from really nice people. Experts who are really experts, academic achievement based on a school name, athletic prowess based on trophies. There are literally hundreds of iterations.


When I hear people that brag excessively, it’s not anger or frustration I feel, but sorrow. To me, these folks are using these attributes, successes, achievements as a substitute for genuine self- esteem. It feels like these people have built narratives as walls around themselves, hiding or protecting their true nature as they spout conventional measures of success and happiness. It is both revealing and suffocating.


Humility, on the other hand, is borne of confidence.  


A humble person will know who they are inside and aren’t afraid for the world to see. A humble person knows that life’s biggest competition is not with each other, but rather the battle within each of us, to be better. A humble person knows that someone else’s success is not our failure. A humble person knows that for all our knowledge and experience, there is always more to learn.




Humility places no limits on our success and achievement but recognizes our fallibility and the power of things that are out of our control. Humility calms the heart and slows the clock, letting us be present in our moments of joy and tribulation. It recognizes that we are finite, so that our most important time is now.


We live in a complicated world, where we are constantly bombarded by images that create impossible standards to live up. Sometimes we seek validation in those standards, when the answer to true happiness lies within.


Humility is the key to unlock that happiness.


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