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Family Supper

Make Time for a Family Supper

First, happy new year to all of you!

Each January, after the holidays are over and the decorations are put away, I hit the “pause” button. Our lives have grown so busy and complicated that it sometimes feels like we’re running on auto-pilot, just happy to keep up. So, at the beginning of the new year I consciously take a “time out;” a day or two that’s just for me, where I think through the last 12 months, assess what worked and what can be better, and to reset so that I’m living my best possible life.

One thing I am certain of is to continue my years-long commitment to a regular family supper.

Growing up, supper was sacred time for my family. No visitors, no phone calls. No exceptions. No matter what we were doing, we were all expected to come together for a meal. It was more than just eating of course. It was above all, a time to share. Supper was our daily check-in, to hear, first hand, what was going on in each of our lives.

As children, we learned about our siblings, and had a chance to hear what our parents were like outside of family activities. For my mom and dad, it was an opportunity to connect with each of us, as we were growing, to make sure we were safe and supported, to offer advice and instill lessons. There was laughter and family stories told so often, I can repeat them word for word today. They are now among my treasures.

Our pace of life is just faster today. The pressures we face are real and unrelenting. We cut corners where we can to make sure we are on time, or that we don’t miss out. Meals have become little more than pitstops between activities, and many times we opt for less healthy fast food out of simple convenience.  

We need to slow down. We need to make time for a family meal, because that hour is there if only we will prioritize it. Indeed, we need it more now than ever. A daily break, to share our day, to relax, to reconnect, to laugh and to love. And of course, to share wonderful food.

If you’re not doing a family supper, give it a try. I know, just from my own memories, that it’s a great investment that will pay dividends for a lifetime.


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