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Crafting is my Escape


We all wear many titles, whether it be spouse, or mother, or friend or colleague. Some of these titles are assigned for life. Others we take on as we try to live life to its fullest. But it all begins with the idea of “me.”


We can only be as good in our relationships in life as we are to ourselves. It all starts with “us.” If we give everything to our relationships and don’t make time for ourselves, the relationships will eventually suffer.


So, I am a big advocate of “Me Time.”


My “Me Time” is in crafting. Since I was a young girl, I’ve always found a channel for my creative energy in crafting, and I’ve always wanted one place where I could have all my supplies that I could call my own. When my family moved to our home in Houston, I laid claim to a small, spare bedroom as my craft room.


Time in my craft room is transformative for me. The pressures and concerns of the day melt away, and I get lost in a new world possibility, turning a vague idea into something of tangible beauty.  It gives me such energy.


Some might consider it selfish. In our busy lives, there is almost always something else you could be doing for your family, friends or business.  But we can never be our best selves if we don’t disconnect and recharge. It is not at the expense of other relationships, it’s actually to be better at our relationships.


I craft.  That’s not for everyone. For you, maybe it’s tennis, or getting lost in a good book. Maybe it’s beautiful music with a cup of tea. Maybe its binge watching the latest show on Netflix. The activity is not as important as your conscious commitment to self-care so you can be better in all the things you do in your life.


Make time for “Me Time.” You will thrive and so will your relationships.

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