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Why Summer Rocks

There is something to love about every season, but for me, summer is one of the best.


Trying to achieve a better work-life balance is as old as time. But now the cycle is faster, the messages come at you...

Humble Never Goes Out of Style

Humility, on the other hand, is borne of confidence.  


I see the promise of America in my life; a daughter of immigrants who had the chance to live my best life, to work ha...

Why I Love Dogs

Dog’s don’t sweat the small stuff. They sleep deeply, play hard, eat every meal like it’s their last, and love uncond...

Why Volunteering is Important to Me.

Trust me that you will find your true nature, gain perspective, and feel better about both yourself and life if you Do.

Crafting is my Escape

We can only be as good in our relationships in life as we are to ourselves. It all starts with “us.” If we give every...

Making Time to be a Mom

I have had many roles in my life - daughter, sister, wife, friend – but the role I am most proud of is being a mom.

Starting A Business

The Struggles of Starting a Business Last weekend, at the end of a long day, I was sitting on the couch with my husba...

Family Supper

Make Time for a Family Supper First, happy new year to all of you! Each January, after the holidays are over and the ...
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